Ghost 1990. Plaster on steel frame

House 1993. Concrete

Untitled (One Hundred Spaces) 1995. Resin

Water Tower 1998. Resin and steel

Holocaust Monument (aka Nameless Library) 2000. Concrete


Rachel Whiteread was born in England in 1963. I chose her as my artist because I find her work intriguing and she was the first woman to win the Turner Award. The photographs I chose to display are all of sculptures on negative spaces, Whiteread’s main focus. My favorite piece is the Untitled (One Hundred Spaces) because I think the colors and geometric placing of the casts make the already interesting perspective, from the underside of a chair, even more interesting. I also would like to explain the Holocaust Monument (aka the Nameless Library) a bit further because the picture does not do it justice. The monument is made out of books with their spines facing inwards and the pages facing out. The books all seem to be identical, representing the many people who died during the Holocaust from Austria.