Brian Tolle was born in New York in 1964 and continues to live and employ his works in New York City.  His art has been described as blending themes of contemporary art with historical themes. Brian studied and received his BA in political science from SUNY at Albany, NY in 1886, attended Parsons School of Design from 1988 to 1992 receiving his Bachelors in Fine Arts, and attended Yale University School of Arts from 1992 to 1994, receiving his Masters in Fine Arts.  His latest solo expedition, titled: Levittown, can be seen in New York City at the CRG gallery. His works present an intriguing method of portraying american life and past. One of the pieces I posted, Raising the Philadelphia presents a brief look into the past of america by picturing Benedict Arnold onto a giant copper coin much like our presidents have been in the past.  The bronze casting shows Arnold with two faces, one facing the U.S. flag and one facing the British Flag, depicting his traitorous nature in the history of our nations. The casting also has the date 1776 at the bottom to identify with the signing of the declaration of independence and Benedict’s original contributions to fighting for the U.S. as a general from which he later defected to the Britain.