“Venus Hottentot 2000”, 1995
Human model (Renee Cox), metallic breasts, metal butt extension, white strings, bow.

Lyle Ashton Harris – The Miss America triptyc, 1997-1998
Gelatin silver print.

Lyle Ashton Harris- Memoirs of Hadrian #8, 2002
Unique Polaroid.

Lyle Ashton Harris’s Self-portrait as Billie Holiday, 2002.
Human model (Lyle Harris), velvet, floral, eyeliner, lipstick.


Lyle Ashton Harris – Silver Handcuffs, 2007
Digital pigment print on silver foil.

Lyle Ashton Harris was born on February 6, 1965. He is an American artist who has cultivated diversity ranging from photographic media, collage, installation art and performance art (Wikipedia). His themes are centered around the issues of race, sexual orientation, and gender. Harris often uses costumes and makeup to mock binary codes such as male versus female, homosexual versus heterosexual, and black versus white. Many of his self images reflect feminine identities like ballerinas and supermodels. Harris’s evocative self photos portray his emotional side as well as his need to defend multifaceted public identity (Roberston & McDaniel, Themes of Contemporary Art, pg 50).