“Dedicated to la Duquesa de Alba/Black Alba, 2004”
Japanese cultural cloth, shoes

“Exchange of Devouring, 2004”
computer-aided reconstructions of images from art history and pop culture by inserting his own face and body into them.

“A Nightmare is Coming, Crawling Up. Get Up!, 2004”
owls and humanoid creatures wearing cat-like masks watch over the main subject while planes fly overhead and miniature tanks cross the floor.

“Daughter of Art History (Theater B) 1990”

Paint brushes, colors, frame, paper

“Doublannage (Marcel) 1988”
paint brushes, paper, cloth, hats, jewelry

Yasumasa Morimura was born on June 11, 1951. He is a Japanese appropriation artist, since 1985, Yasumasa Morimura has primarily shown his work in international solo exhibitions, although he has been involved in various group exhibitions. He appears in all of his works of art (Roberston & McDaniel, Themes of Contemporary Art, pg 60). Yasumasa Morimura has won international acclaim for his unique and avant-garde expression of ‘beauty'(http://www.artnet.com/awc/yasumasa-morimura.html)