Black Leather Lace-up, 2001. Photography

UNTITLED (from Black Desperate Housewives), 2007. Photography

Poolside. Pigment print. 2008.

The YO MAMA, 1993. Gelatin silver print.

Yo Mama the Sequel, 1995. Gelatin silver print.

Renée Cox was born in 1960 in her hometown of Colgate, Jamaica. She recieved her Master’s of study in Art at the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, in 1992. The following year she continued her education and participated in the Whitney Museum of American Art, Independent Study Program, in 1993. Her work has been viewed as controversial due to the strong images and perhaps political intentions seen in her work. Two works (show above) take from her “Yo Mama” series, provides an idea of the provocation of her images on the view to see the black-female in an extremely-overt stereotypical fashion. She often uses her body in the nude or in provocative fetishistic wear (as seen in Black Leather Lace-up). The criticisms that she has received from some critics for what might be called ‘obscene’ or ‘narcissistic’ works of art, make me wonder at what point will a naked black-female body be considered artistic as apposed to being viewed as a representation for race or sexual desire, a topic that the writers of Themes of contemporary Art (Jean Robertson and Craig McDaniel) speak in detail about in this chapter.


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