Matti Back (There I Was…) Ellwangen, 2001, C-print


Opium, 2005, Black and White Photograph


On His Knees (Page 80), 2001-2002, Color Photographs, Silver Gelatin Print, Pencil On Paper


Untitled (Back), 2011, Gelatin Silver Print


Booby Trap, 2009, Pen and Pencil on Pigment Ink Print and Silver Gelatin Print



“Collier Schorr’s pictures are an experimentation in intimacy. They are ambiguous and call into question gender, nationality and religion. What may at first glance appear to be a revealing portrait of a subject turns out, on closer inspection, to in fact be a revealing portrait of the artist herself or further still, a form of social or historical commentary… She has in the past described her artistic intent as “making pictures where the camera seems to fall in love”. Her images are a dance that defies any notion of voyeurism.”

Quoted from Rush Magazine, written by Natalie Shukur.