Touch, 2002, Video Installation

Saddle, 2000, Full raw hide and cast of artist’s body

Condult, 2009, Copper sculpture with verdigris patina

Slumber, 1993, Performance with loom, yarn, bed, nightgown, EEG machine and artist’s REM reading

Loving Care, 1993, Performance with Loving care Hair Dye in Natural Black

Eureka, 1993, Bathtub, lard, soap, and Corian.

Janine Antoni is an artist who likes to explore the human body and the way it interacts with art. In all of the images above, she is either physically part of the art or was part of the art. In Eureka, Janine submerged herself in lard and uses her body for the contour of the ending piece. This helps people see that although the artist is no longer present in the end piece, her body is preserved there through the use of substance. This is how Janine likes to work and she loves using her body for art purposes. I chose Janine because she doesn’t have a problem with using her body as art and feels confident enough in her own ability.

“I derive inspiration from personal experience, the human body and other artists’ outlooks. Janine Antoni’s work has greatly influenced my outlook as an artist. Looking back on her lecture in Spring 2010, I greatly appreciated that she uses her personal experiences and role as a woman, mother, and wife in her work. “

It’s always interesting to see how other artists intrigue others by what they represent and thow heir work or art interests them. According to Shephaly Soni, statement above, Janine’s use of her womanly body offered her another outlook for her own personal art.