Dirt baby, James Croak, 1988 Cast out of dirt


Double Dirt Man, 2005 James Croak Cast out of dirt


Dirt Man Whit Shovel, 1996 James Croak Cast out of dirt


Hand Series #3 1998 James Croak Cast out of dirt


Interpersonal Relationship Suit 1995, James Croak  Stones and rubber


I chose this artist because I really liked the image in the book (Decentered Skin, 1995) and sort of the concept of a body being hollow without a soul. I really liked the rest of his works too, the way he used dirt as a medium was really intriguing to me. In a way it could be seen as almost offensive, making something as special as the human form out of something as common as dust. On the other hand it can be seen as tying us back to the earth, which in a way is really beautiful. I especially love the piece with the adult hand being held by a baby’s. I like the vein in the hand, it makes it look strong and aged. It makes me think of passing wisdom and strength down from generation to generation. 


Source: http://www.jamescroak.com/index.html