“Complicated Pile” 2007 Inflatable Plastic

“The Saloon” 1995 Plastic, Wood, and Cloth

“Sweet Brown Snail” 2007 Glass-fiber reinforced plastic with varnish

“Santa Butt Plug” 2007 Inflatable Plastic

“Piggies” 2007 Inflatable Plastic

Paul McCarthy was born in 1945 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Although he is a well known contemporary artist, his earliest professional work dates back to 1967. McCarthy is well known for the shock value of his work. “Paul has managed to remain a radical artist of true perversion, dedicated to fucking with viewer sensibility while at the same time achieving broad mainstream appeal. A rare accomplishment.” (Benjamin Weissman, Bomb Magazine) Much of his work relies on sexual taboo which can be seen, if not flagrantly then in innuendo, in many of the works posted above. “Santa Butt Plug” is an all encompassing example by taking what is commonly known as a child’s idol and associating him with anal sex. He uses the traditional red coloring to clarify the figure in question while making the sexual devices flesh-colored. This amplifies the effect and leaves no doubt in the viewer’s mind about what they are supposed to see.