Untitled Leg- 1989

beeswax, cotton, wood, leather, human hair


Untitled (Candle)- 1991

beeswax, human hair, yarn


Untitled- 1991-1993

wood, beeswax, human hair, fabric, paint, and shoes.

Robert Gober. Untitled. 1991

Untitled- 1991

wood, beeswax, leather shoe, cotton fabric, human hair, and steel

Robert Gober, Untitled

Untitled- 2007

beeswax, pigment, cast gypsum polymer, twigs and grass, resin, paint


“American sculptor, Robert Gober, explores the psychological implications of the human body through hybrid anatomical forms, fragmented bodies, and architectural and domestic spaces in which the body is absent yet implicit. Gober’s language is one of duplicities – male and female, interior and exterior, public and private, animate and inanimate, present and absent. Commenting on Gober’s 2007 retrospective at the Schaulager Museum in Switzerland, Roberta Smith notes the artist’s ability to combine that which is personal and political, mysterious and accessible. Gober, who draws upon a composite of childhood memories and current experiences, describes his work as “formally rigorous but emotionally messy”. Gober often sites a composite of personal memories and current experience as a source for his practice, with this reflected in the hybridity and fracture of the objects he creates.”