I chose to post on Ann Hamilton mostly because her artwork was the most intriguing to me. While researching her past collection, I found myself wanting to know the meanings behind her pieces more than I wanted to observe the actual art. Ann Hamilton is known for her use of sensory while relating the piece to specific history of the particular location. The most intriguing piece of which I have included in the post is Hamilton’s installation Human Carriage. The book weights are cut pieces or volumes of whole books. In her installation the pieces are suspended and carried to the bottom of the building where these pieces assemble into one large pile of collections of information. I enjoyed reading about this art and the meaning behind it because at first glance it looks like a pointless contraption. However, there are many meanings accompanied by many pieces of the whole. Ann was born in Lima, Ohio in 1956 and has accomplished many things including honors such as the United States Artists Fellowship and now continues teaching at the Ohio State University.

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