Ubermensch (1995)  Materials: Fibreglass, resin, and paint

Zygotic (1997)  Materials: fibreglass, resin, paint, wigs, and shoes

Hell Sixty-Five Million Years BC (2004-2005) Materials: toilet paper rolls, cardboard, poster paint

“Death” (2009) Materials: card box, pasteboard, newspaper, glue, poster paint

“Fuck Face” (2009) Materials: card box, pasteboard, newspaper, styrofoam, glue

          Jake and Dinos Chapman are English visual artists who work together on their art works. Typically their art specialize in distorted and mutilated bodies, and also nightmarish depictions of death fields. In both their works “Death” and “Hell Sixty-Five Million Years BC” the brothers goal was to use low-budget cardboard models. The brother’s fascination with dismembered bodies, cruelty scenes, and death scenes came from Goya’s Disasters of War and the horrific things the artists witnessed during the Peninsular War between France and Spain.