Yo Mama’s Last Supper 1996 Materials used: Cup, Fruits, Bowl, human body, towel

Seven Minutes In Heaven and/ or They Have Sinned 1997 Materials used: Naked body, nun, clothes

Eve 1995 Materials used: Fruit(apple), naked body(self)

Atlas (World Down) 1995 Materials used: Global, Naked man

Yo mama (the Sequel) 1996 Materials used: Naked human beings, hair


Renée Cox born in 1960 in Jamaica is a Jamaican American artist, photographer, political activist and curator. Cox currently lives and works out of New York. One of the most controversial African American artists working today she has used her own body, both nude and clothed, to celebrate black womanhood and criticize a society she often views as racist and sexist. From the very beginning her work showed a deep concern for social issues and employed disturbing religious imagery. In her first one- woman show at a New York gallery in 1998, Cox made herself the center of attention. Dressed in the colorful grab of a black superhero named Raje, Cox appeared in a series of large, color photographs. In one picture she towered over a cab in Times Square. In another, she broke steel chains before an erupting volcano. In the most pointed picture, entitled The Liberation of UB and Lady J, Cox’s  Raje rescued the black stereotyped advertising figures of Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima from their products, labels. The photograph was featured on the cover of the French newspaper Le Monde.(Renee Cox, http://reneecox.org/)