A-Z Escape Vehicle, 1996

Steel, wood, carpet, plastic sink, glass, mirror, stovetop, and household object

Living Unit (Customized for Eileen and Peter Norton), 1994

steel, wood, paint, mattress, glass, mirror, lighting fixture, upholstery

A-Z Fiber Form: Black, Grey and White Dress, 2002

wool and two 3 inch nsuit pins

“Indy Island”, 2010

fiberglass, foam, mixed media

Energetic Accumulator I, 2008

wood, tung oil, bronze legs, rigid wrap, small glass jars with paint, paper, metal, fibers, rocks, and dried vegetation on carpet

“Andrea Zittel was born in Escondido, California, in 1965. She received a BFA in painting and sculpture in 1988 from San Diego State University, and an MFA in sculpture in 1990 from the Rhode Island School of Design. Zittel’s sculptures and installations transform everything necessary for life—such as eating, sleeping, bathing, and socializing—into artful experiments in living. Blurring the lines between life and art, Zittel’s projects extend to her own home and wardrobe…Zittel is more interested in revealing the human need for order than in prescribing a single unifying design principle or style. “People say my work is all about control, but it’s not, really,” she remarks. “I am always looking for the gray area between freedom—which can sometimes feel too open-ended and vast—and security—which may easily turn into confinement.” Her “A–Z Pocket Property,” a forty-four-ton floating fantasy island off the coast of Denmark, commissioned by the Danish government, contrasts the extremes of a creative escape with the isolation that occurs when a person is removed from society.”