Newshound, 1991, photo-etching on white heavyweight Rives paper

She Can’t Catch Up, 1998, Watercolor


The Veal Skinner, 1991, lithograph

What a Golden Beak! (They Want War), 1999, Aquatint and etching, with hand coloring

Sue Coe, Murder in the Gulf

Murder in the Gulf, 2010, graphite, gouache, watercolor, and oil


Sue Coe is an artist whose works are highly tied to activism.  Her artworks are highly political and controversial, commenting on war, the media, animal rights, and current events, as seen in Murder in the Gulf, which is about the BP oil spill.  Her style is dark and gives a disturbing feel, with a strong and almost violent message.  She grew up next to a slaughterhouse, which is what sparked her animal rights activism and desire to expose the places of animal cruelty, and will often sketch on location (source: