The Female Face of Pesach, 1999, Watercolor and watercolor pensil on rag paper


The Fall from the Holocaust Project, 1993, Tapestry- Woven by Audrey Cowan



Crippled by the Need to Control/Blind Individuality, 1983, Sprayed acrylic and oil on canvas, 108″ x 72″

Two Faced Toby Mug #10, 2010, Multi-fired china paint on porcelain, installed size: 10.5 in. x 10.5 in. x 10.5 in



Wall of Indifference from the Holocaust Project 1989, sprayed acrylic, oil paint, Marshall photo oils and photography on photolinen, 43 1/4″ x 97 1/4″,

Judy Chicago was born Jewish in 1939. In the 1970’s she became a prompt figure in feminist work with her piece of work, The Dinner Party, which was controversial at the time because of the aspects of it that were not openly acceptable, female parts. This piece of work is actually what drew her to me. I love how she choose to express women who influenced the Western Civilization, even though it did  not met social norm and I am in awe in how she can define these properties. She and her husband worked on the Holocaust Project from 1985- 1993 through different mediums in order to “understand the evil and cruelty”. Some common theme common theme seen in most her work was power struggle as seen i her Jewish themed works, her PowerPlay gallery, and most her feminist works.