Fox, 1999, stainless steel

Cat, 2005, stainless steel

Muskrat, 2005, stainless steel

Otter, 2005, stainless steel

Monkeys, 2001, stainless steel

Rona Pondick’s stainless steel sculptures combine animal and human body parts into one being.  They often distort proportions, and though the concept may seem comical, the execution results in a grotesque and disturbing feel to each piece.  The exaggerated parts of the sculpture, whether overlarge or shrunken, bring a focus to the form and structure of the body part itself.  Adding to the eerie-ness is how unsettlingly lifelike the human body parts can look, despite the obvious differences between the reflective stainless steel and human skin.  I also found an interesting quote by the artist, speaking about her sculpture, Monkeys: “Monkeys is a piece about baroque movement. I wanted it to feel like it was in motion. I think the smooth surfaces and undulating forms have a sexual and sensual reading” (Shirley Kaneda,