African American Flag               FlagRed, Black, and Green cloth

Bliz-aard ball sale       Assorted snowballs on a blanket

Spade-With-Chains           Head of a shovel and chain

Wine Spectator              Wine bottles



How Ya Like Me Now?              1988 billboard and spray paint

“David Hammons was born in 1943 in Springfield, Illinois. A recipient of both a MacArthur Foundation “genius” award and a Prix de Rome, Hammons places himself as an artist between Arte Povera and Marcel Duchamp. He makes his art from refuse and the detritus of African-American life: chicken wings, Thunderbird and Night Train bottles, clippings from dreadlocks, basketball hoops. Hammons’s deeply felt political views on race and cultural stereotypes give his witty and elegant sculptures, installations, and body prints an integrity that promises to keep the focus on his art rather than on his career.”