Test Site, 2006

Acrylic plastic, metal

Upside Down Mushroom Room, 2000

Polyester, wood, paint, metal, electrical motors, and polystyrol.

Sphere, 1999


Hippopotamus, 2007

Polyurethane, horn, and glass.

Upside Down Glasses, 2001

Glass optics, aluminum, steel, polyethylene, nylon, and leather.

Interestingly enough, Carsten Höller started his career as a biologist, specializing in the olfactory senses of insects. He started experimenting with art in the late 1980’s and has been doing that since. In a couple of his series, you can tell his history with a career as a biologist heavily influenced his artwork. He uses many animal shapes such as the Hippopotamus, chimpanzees, etc. The one specific thing that I like about his work is that he makes it very interactive. In Upside Down Glasses, he had a team of people wear these glasses that are made for you to see the world upside down and he had them take it off after wearing them a week. The eyes had to heavily adjust afterwards. Many of the works by Carsten are so provoking that you can’t help but look twice.