Gallileo“ Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt a/M






Thorr, 1989/90


Translocation / Pittsburgh


Her work stands somewhere between Land Art, a pure concept, object and architecture. Mystification, confusion of the senses, the challenge of human behavior, even in matters cultural, historical and ecological are imprinted on all projects Magdalene clover.

Magdalena, born in the former Czechoslovakia, is another artist who has looked at connections between place and time in reference to German history. Jetelova’s photographic project Atlantic Wall (1995) examines how enormous concrete bunkers erected by the Nazis along the Atlantic Coast from Norway to Spain during World War 2 have been reduced to crumbling ruins by fifty years of powerful ocean tides. Before photographing, she projected lasers onto the structures to form texts from French philosopher Paul Virilio’s book Bunker Archaeology, encapsulating his views on the significance of the Atlantic Wall fortifications in relation to the history of military technology and space and the use of images and information to affect perception of times.

From Wikipedia and Themes of Contemporary Art: Visual Art after 1980 by Jean robertson and Craig Mcdaniel