Head 1 (from ‘China. China’ series) 1997

Made of porcelain body-cast, with hand painted under glaze blue and over glaze decoration in yellow, orange, and green

China China, 1999

Porcelain with under glaze blue and over glaze enamel

Metaphysica: Red Fish 2007

Bronze, brass, and oil paint

China ,China bust no 35 1999

Porcelain in under glaze cobalt-blue with flower and bird design

Human, Human- flower and bird (2000-2001)

resin, fibreglass, lacquer

The models used in the busts of the art happened to be of Ah Xian’s own family and friends of Chinese and non-Chinese ethnicity. In the China, China series Ah Xian made many of his coloured porcelain busts in kilns at Jingdezhen and were hand-painted under his direction by local artisans. Ah Xian used traditional Chinese materials to communicate his own personal experience of cultural crossing in the late 20th century. Ah Xian now lives in Sydney Australia ever since 1990.