Pendulum, 2003/2005
Latex paint on wall. Installation measurements vary

Blurred, 2003-2005. Latex paint on wall. Dimensions variable. Installation view. Exhibition: Kay Rosen: Halfull. University Art Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2004.

“Go Do Good,” 2011, Latex paint on brick wall, Art Loop 2011, Chicago, Illinois.

Justified, 2008. Paint on wall. Dimensions variable. Installation view. Exhibition: Kay Rosen: Scareful!. Yvon Lambert New York. November 20, 2008- January 3, 2009.

Only the Lonely, 2012. Lithograph on handmade paper
Edition of 20. Signed, dated and numbered on reverse.

Kay Rosen was born in the year 1949 in her hometown in Corpus Christi, Texas.  She received her BA at Newcomb College of Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana and her MA from Northwestern University. Kay Rosen’s work primarily revolves around the theme of language (ArtSpace). She has an academic background in linguistics and incorporates both Spanish and French into her visuals. In her artworks, she uses “text-based works that explore the ways that language can be represented visually” (ArtSpace).  She plays around with different words, as well as different color schemes and styles to demonstrate the words and texts in a more unique way. Her work often involves the use of puns and displays these words in untraditional ways, which forces the viewer to take different approaches to read and understand the visual at hand. Kay Rosen wants the language in her artwork to surpass its normal presentation and dimension of how it is usually presented to viewers (Plexus). For instance, in 2011 in Chicago, Illinois she displayed a six-story mural with bold letters that spelled out “GO DO GOOD.” She hopes that the audience will view her piece by first noticing the choice of bold colors and huge letters, and will then actually perform on the message, by performing good deeds in the world; it doesn’t have to be anything huge or drastic she claims but some sort of small gestures that can positively impact someone’s life in some way (ArtDaily). She now spends more of her time in Gary, Indiana and teaches at the School of Art Institute of Chicago (ArtSpace).